The past few weeks have been pretty hectic with juggling personal life and work. I've been craving a bit of routine in my daily life. In an attempt at organizing myself I've re-written all the jobs I'm currently working on and projects I'd like to achieve by the end of the year to equate how much I can realistically achieve.

I have a regular job working in a box office and I try to squeeze 1-2 shifts a week to help my outgoings. This has become more difficult to commit to as my time is becoming consumed with alternating workloads.

I've managed to make contact with a design business Agora Arts Circle who have been established for a couple of years and would like me to get involved with their projects. It's an unpaid internship as they can't afford to pay an additional wage but I would be paid for the work I submit for each project they work on. Currently working on rebranding the companies visual identity directly with the company's assistant administrator William Redgrove.

I finally heard back from an internship submission...kinda. Upon forwarding my cover letter, portfolio and cv I got a response in how they would be proceeding with the internship recruitment process... Stating that I would have 2 days to complete a "graphic design test", then a phone call interview, then an onsite interview and then an offer!! Seems like a very long-winded process but I'm going along with it for now.

This month also saw the end to a project I've been working on with Natalie Cheng who is also a 2nd-year GMD student and DPS participant. We were working as a team on the 2019 edition of IM-PRESSED by Alex Cooper/Tim Hutchinson. This edition was based on text from '10 billion' by Stephen Emmott and the topic of sustainability. Nat and I focused on food resources and the changes we need to make in western societies in order to balance out our food consumptions, lowering our greenhouse gas emissions.

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