The past few weeks have been pretty hectic with juggling personal life and work. I've been craving a bit of routine in my daily life. In an attempt at organizing myself I've re-written all the jobs I'm currently working on and projects I'd like to achieve by the end of the year to equate how much I can realistically achieve.

I have a regular job working in a box office and I try to squeeze 1-2 shifts a week to help my outgoings. This has become more difficult to commit to as my time is becoming consumed with alternating workloads.

I've managed to make contact with a design business Agora Arts Circle who have been established for a couple of years and would like me to get involved with their projects. It's an unpaid internship as they can't afford to pay an additional wage but I would be paid for the work I submit for each project they work on. Currently working on rebranding the companies visual identity directly with the company's assistant administrator William Redgrove.

I finally heard back from an internship submission...kinda. Upon forwarding my cover letter, portfolio and cv I got a response in how they would be proceeding with the internship recruitment process... Stating that I would have 2 days to complete a "graphic design test", then a phone call interview, then an onsite interview and then an offer!! Seems like a very long-winded process but I'm going along with it for now.

This month also saw the end to a project I've been working on with Natalie Cheng who is also a 2nd-year GMD student and DPS participant. We were working as a team on the 2019 edition of IM-PRESSED by Alex Cooper/Tim Hutchinson. This edition was based on text from '10 billion' by Stephen Emmott and the topic of sustainability. Nat and I focused on food resources and the changes we need to make in western societies in order to balance out our food consumptions, lowering our greenhouse gas emissions.

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“he hasn’t text me back...”

Yeeeeeah still no replies from agencies so I’ve taken it upon myself to add something to my email applications in an attempt o grab the readers attention.

Thinking about these emails I’m sending, it’s all very well designing a super duper portfolio and typing a killer introduction. But when thinking about how the email looks I thought there could be a way to grab a bit more attention. I took it upon myself to design a quirky gif to greet the recipient when (hopefully) they open my email.

A simple (looking) illustration of a hand scanning through faces of potential interns with the question of “looking for an intern?”. Straight to the point and demonstrating my interests/abilities and character. Let’s see if it was worth the effort.

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schools out!


With the final hand in for year 2 over and the end of term here, my attention is fully on sorting myself out for my year on DPS. I've prepped my portfolio and CV, forwarded to a few places to test the water, no responses... I'm wondering if this is a look of things to come?? The lack of acknowledgment sparks the obvious frustration and doubts but I'm aware this might just take a few attempts.

In the meantime, I've been working on a few commissions. A creative challenges zine for Chelsea Short Courses and a poster design for WaterAid at Glastonbury Festival. Both super fun projects working with some nice communicative people who were a treat to work for! In addition to these briefs, I've been working on my wedding invites!!

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a brief encounter


Today was a little meet and greet with DixonBaxi and a chance to showcase my thoughts/ideas on the brief they presented on first impressions. The brief was designed to get us to consider how else we might approach approaching design agencies/studios. Getting noticed in this highly competitive industry can be a challenge. Thinking outside the box and using other methods to disrupt the norm were recommended as a way to grab attention.

To sum up my idea (which was super raw at the point of presenting) I thought about what makes me unique as a creative. Given my history and years of experience in the field of performing arts I considered using this as a hook or a conversation starter. When I “retired” from performing back in 2017 I wanted to frame something as a symbolic representation of my time. Traditionally in ballet, female ballet dancers hang up their pointe shoes as a symbol of achievement. Pointe shoes have a historic connotation of being a symbol of pain, sacrifice and achievement.  Male ballet dancers don’t really have such a tradition. However, something that has haunted me throughout my career and I believe is a perfect symbol of performing life is the dance belt/jock strap. An unsightly object that has a significant practical purpose but is in no way comfortable to wear. That is unless you enjoy the feeling of a bungee harness between the cheeks!

I wanted to use this object as a symbolic memory of my achievements in the show biz industry. It is currently framed and hanging in my hallway. Following my discussions with Daniel Capstick (Creative Director at DixonBaxi) I’ve decided to repurpose this object in some sort of printed format as a conversation starter for potential studios I might apply to. I’m gonna play around with layout/typography and add some additional content to contextualise the theme.

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However, in attempt to document my progress and experiences on my year of DPS and I guess to share my thoughts to a wider audience.

(Apologies in advanced for the poor grammar and potential spelling mistakes!)

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